Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pancakes & Grill on James Street [CLOSED]

"Eating for Challenge MD"

Pancakes & grill on James street was the venue chosen by my friend Yvonne for her charity fundraising dinner.

Yvonne took up Challenge MD! The Mont Blanc Trekking Challenge 2011 to raise awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy sufferers. In order to be successful she has to reach a quota of please donate to her...she has worked so hard and she's still just under with less than 10 days to go. Every penny counts so Please DONATE to Yvonne's Challenge MD....and click the BLUE donate button NOW ^^
Thank you!

Pancakes & grill on James street was nice enough to make a 2 course set menu of main and dessert with a free drink as part of Yvonne's charity dinner.

For mains, we all had a choice of a savoury crepe...I ordered the Mexicana which I was generously filled with mexican goodness and a stringy cheese to follow. 

Mexicana - A hint of chilli. two homemade crepes filled with chilli beef together with slivers of almonds, spicy sauce, grated cheese and sour cream. Viva!

Other pancakes that were ordered....

Pocket full of chicken - Tender pieces of chicken and fresh mushrooms in creamy sauce. A golden melt of parmesan cheese, our special tomato salsa and sour cream.

Fisherman's - Healthy fish and prawns smothered with creamy white wine sauce delicately spiced. Top with homemade hollandaise and seafood sauce.

Tabriz - French crepes filled with wholesome ground beef, cooked in red wine, herbs, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicums and spices then topped with homemade tomato sauce

Everyone enjoyed their crepes and was rather stuffed but no way is dessert going to waste! especially knowing that their dessert pancakes are a hit.

I tried the Blackforrest cherry and the Jaffa Orange. I enjoyed both desserts in particular the Jaffa orange was fresh and really tasted like the Jaffa Orange flavoured lindt chocolate...the pancake was abit more chewier than the blackforrest cherry pancake though.

Blackforest cherry -  Succulent cherries in a Liqueur sauce on a chocolate pancake topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream and a downpour of grated chocolate.

Jaffa Orange - Slices of fresh orange around a fluffy buttermilk pancake drizzled with brandied orange sauce and topped with chocolate fudge, ice cream and cream.

Chocolate jewels - A real chocolate pancake topped with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, then showered with grated chocolate plus chocolate fudge drizzled over the top. * think they forgot the grated chocolate*

Hot Bavarian Apple - Hot, spicy apple, sultanas and cinnamon served with a buttermilk pancake, topped with cream and ice cream.

Raspberry cheese 'n' cream - A delicate french crepe with delectable mix of cream cheese, sultanas and vanilla accompanied by a scoop of cream vanilla ice cream. Surrounded by raspberry coulis.

Overall, the charity dinner was a success, the warm environment, lovely company and everyone being content with their food was a perfect recipe for MORE donations. I probably would come back to pancakes & Grill but probably just for dessert as to me the crepes were rather repetitive in flavour.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

V Burger Bar

I've heard many wonderful things about this Burger joint in Victoria park, so I came here with two of my friends again on my quest to find the BEST blue cheese burger!

When we arrived, the joint was packed...all seats were taken so we ended up sitting on a bench...and I ordered the BLUE MUSHY - prime beef,  melted blue cheese, grilled mushroom, mixed lettuce, tomato, onion and aioli $14.

Blue Mushy
The burger was nicely presented with a chargrilled bun and lots of height, but honestly, I did not enjoy my BLUE MUSHY. Something was missing and I realise it needed something sweet like a relish which most burger joints that I've been to had relish in the blue cheese burger. Without it the burger just tasted boring and quite tasteless. I couldn't really taste the blue cheese either. I was rather disappointed AND I had a hard time eating the burger with my two hands so had to use the knife and fork =-=. My friend couldn't understand why I kept ordering the blue cheese burger so he decided to give it a go for the first's a shame it didn't live up to my standard. He too didn't really think it was that great.

Front: Blue Mushy, Back: F.B.A
My other friend ordered the F.B.A - Full Blooded Aussie $13.80...she ate it all with ease but wasn't raving about it much either. So I guess it was just standard.

We also ordered onion rings and aioli on the side and these onion rings were HUGE! and crispy but also VERY made me rather sick after eating two..we had a hard time finishing a bowl.

Onion rings with Aioli
Overall...the blue cheese burger was a FAIL here and I've definitely had better, but I wouldn't discourage others from coming here and trying out the other burgers.

Opening Hours
Monday – 5:00pm to 9:30pm
Tuesday to Thursday – 11:30am to 9:30pm
Friday to Saturday – 11:30am to late
Sunday – 11:30am to 9:30pm

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Choux Cafe


I LOVE my Almond croissants and I LOVE my Macarons so what better place to find them all in ONE FRENCH cafe! CHOUX CAFE!

I've read many positive reviews about Choux Cafe and after finding out that the place is owned by the celebrity chef Emmanuel Mollois..that just sealed the deal.

Emmanuel Mollois featured in Poh's Kitchen
Being a working citizen, It was hard to find time to visit the place..but FINALLY my friends and I went on a Sunday morning arriving at 10:30am only to find that most of the pastries was almost finished and ALL the croissants and breads were SOLD! Luckily there was still some macarons and they were still baking some fresh ones *PHEW* The venue did not have many table seatings so we were lucky to have walked into a couple leaving.

We ordered pretty much everything that was left in the glass display, a drink each and a couple of macaroons to try.

I ordered the hot chocolate and my friend ordered the mocha...We have tasted better but they sure know how to make good froth so I applaud them for that.

Hot Chocolate

I don't quite remember the names of the pastries we ordered but I do remember them being SIMPLE and DELICIOUS! the accompanying salad was also fresh and Delicious. The pastries are abit on the pricey side but knowing that all the products (except breads) are made on the premises makes it all worth it.

Potato gratin - buttery layers of potato goodness
The sweets we ordered were also a HIT! we were lucky to have the last pistachio and pineapple cake coated with white chocolate and coconut...everyone loved this one..though it was hard to share between the 4 of us.

Pistachio and pineapple cake with white chocolate and coconut
What went from just trying out 3-4 macarons turned out to buying almost all 18 flavours! The macarons were perfectly made, crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle and a lovely cream in the centre..and with all the different flavours could we not try them ALL!

Ordered a bag
Then I ordered a BOX!
I've tried them all and the verdict! I LOVE mostly the fruity flavours!
2. Rose
3. Lavender
4. Bosenberry
5. Pistachio
6. Strawberry
7. Raspberry
8. Hazlenut

I've tried Macarons from other cafes around perth and I reckon this place has the BEST macarons and best variety. I am definitely going back and hopefully trying the almond croissants!...oh and MORE MACArOnS!

Monday - Friday
7am - 5pm
7am- 2.30pm
7am - 12.30pm 

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Rochelle Adonis

"High tea with ELEGANCE"

I had high tea at Rochelle Adonis for my 23rd birthday celebration in March with a small group of friends..a perfect place for a relaxing birthday brunch for an old fart like myself T_T.

Rochelle Adonis is a little Cakes and Confections studio that also caters for high tea, degustation and lunch. It is such a girly fresh place with friendly staff. High tea costs $45pp for which 50% deposit has to be made and High tea sessions only running at 10am, 12noon and 2pm.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a long wide grey marble table which really couldn't fit many people so be quick when making reservations. One side of the wall was beautifully decorated with an assortment of frames..though...the other side was just a bunch of files and a computer =-= haha...would be absolutely perfect if the whole place was filled with tip is..choose wisely on where you want to sit if you want to capture the beautiful frames in your photos. *well if you're a camwhorer like myself XD*

Now I don't remember the names of all the dishes and the details of how they tasted...all I remember was the good and the bads. Once seated, we were all given a menu of teas to order from before the commencement of first course, the sugar came in cute bowls and milk was served in a milk BOTTLE! just like the olden days when there was a milk man delivering bottles of milk ^^


Our first dish was mushroom patte spread with toasted bread and I enjoyed it...I wish I ate it more slowly and appreciated the art of it but I kinda just gobbled it up :(

Then came cucumber sandwiches and risotto balls...I loved it all...cucumber sandwich was very refreshing as well as the delicious crispy risotto balls with soft centres.


Nothing could have prepared us for the sugar overload that was about to come. First dessert came in a shot glass followed by a pear praline ice cream in a spoon which was the favourite... then a large tier with an assortment of sweet goodies arrived...from meringues to profiteroles to brownies..all in a more classy manner of course~.

Overall I enjoyed the experience... though I have to admit I was left feeling abit disappointed with how much dishes we had with $45...I was left longing for more savoury items..probably coz I am a savoury person myself and I was hoping for a more unique array of desserts rather than the standard profiteroles and brownies BUT it was my first high tea session so I can't really judge and $45 isn't that bad if I put into account the love put into each dish, the fresh produce used, good quality tea, the excellent service with the waitress and waiters introducing each dish to us and the lovely venue. Basically give this place a go as the quality of everything mentioned before really brings out the ELEGANCE in you.

NB: I believe there is a constant change in items being served in each high tea session from what I've read in different blogs so don't expect the same things.

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sat. 10am-4pm
(Now newly opened on Sundays due to popularity *double check*)

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Alfred's Kitchen

"Seriously Matt Preston?!"

I am on a burger quest to find my favourite burger joint. After reading many burger reviews I read that Matt Preston from Masterchef voted Alfred's Kitchen to be the best in Perth..and that really sent bells ringing for me..I HAD TO TRY THIS PLACE! My first attempt was a fail as my friends and I planned to go during normal dinner service hours only to be told by my friend that the line was SOOOOo long so we had to raincheck. Luckily I was running late so didn't end up travelling all the way up to Guildford *WOOP WOOP* to find that out * perks of being late *. The second attempt we went 5pm early! when we got there we just beat the dinner rush.

First impressions was WOW this is a very small canteen like joint. I've read many blogs commenting on how small and canteen-like the joint is but I was still disappointed...there was hardly anywhere to sit..just two benches placed along side a fire tables. Definitely a take away place.

So we ordered the much raved about pea  & ham soup and naturally ordering the Alfred's special thinking it be their specialty.

I tasted the Pea soup served in a foam cup and I really don't understand what was so good about it. It was very average and my friends all thought that too..we were rather disappointed...I guess after reading all the raves about the pea soup we had high expectations for it. The pea soup was rather brown looking with chunks of ham in it. Pea soup can only go so would just taste like PEA I guess. *no pun intended*

Our burgers came and O M G...a cloud of disappointed just rained  upon me again...the Alfred's Special was just a toasted sandwich with a buncha things in between the bread slices =-=. It seriously just tasted like toasted sandwich with egg, bacon, sauce, lettuce. It was good, but nothing special..nothing unique...very simple. We thought maybe we just ordered the wrong thing as we missed the part on the menu when it said "with sandwich bread"

Alfred Special

Layers packed
My friends ordered the normal looking burger and we turned to them for appraisals of the place but in the end..they too thought it was very average. To top it there was no tables or chairs for us to sit and it was cold and rainy..we ended up squishing in the car and eating our burgers there..NOT FUN.

In conclusion, I don't think I'd drive all the way up here from down south again to be served very average wasn't bad..but it wasn't OMG awesome too..I guess when I go to burger joints I expect something unique..something that I wouldn't easily make at home. On the upside prices range under $10 for mains and the joint opens till quite late so it would be a perfect supper destination..well...for those living around Guildford.

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Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday (5:00pm – 1:00am)
Friday – Saturday (5:00pm – 3:00am)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Missy Moos Burger Bar

"Missy Moo - RE!"

Ever since my work colleague introduced me to a blue cheese beef burger..I've been on a quest to find the BEST blue cheese beef burger in Perth! I tasted one in Soho burgers in Fremantle and I loved it! I stumbled upon Missy Moos whilst browsing the net and realise they have blue cheese burger too! So my two friends and I went to visit this place for dinner.

Missy Moos is only a small joint...a small joint with GREAT IDEAS! It's definitely a child friendly place with numerous kids drawings displayed around the counter and old school board games mounted on the wall. The menu also has a cute kiddy touch to it with burgers named after nursery rhymes.  On top of that..we were given a toy as an indication of our number...we had the telephone! really brought back good ol memories.

Displaying artistic kids drawings

Board games mounted on the wall

Table number..TELEPHONE!

I ordered "the cow jumped over the moon" which consisted of premium WA lean beef pattie, blue cheese, crispy prosciutto, baby spinach, aioli and margaret river tomato relish...verdict...I LOVED IT! I've tried many blue cheese beef burgers out there and this is on the top of my list for both taste and price wise. I was able to pick it up and and gobble it up with my ever so tiny jaws which is a big PLUS for me...I dislike having gourmet burgers that are just too big for my jaws and eating a burger with a knife and fork just isn't the same. There was the right amount of blue cheese masked with the beef patty *essential as I actually don't like blue cheese...just like the little twist to my to all blue cheese gotta try this* the sweet tomato relish makes a difference between a good blue cheese burger and a failed one as it gave the burger a punch of sweetness... it was DELICIOUS! I was very satisfied. The chips were big and crunchy too! I was happy JANE

The cow jumped over the moon
My chilli loving friend ordered the "polly put the kettle on" (premium WA beef pattie, hot chilli jam, tomato, aioli, margaret river chilli tomato relish) he too also enjoyed his burger and my other friend had the "higgiety piggiety" chicken burger consisting of WA free range chicken tenderloins, pear, parmesan, baby spinach, aioli and balsamic salad. It was interesting as it had pear in it and she did love that aspect the only down side was it tasted a little too vinegary for her liking from the balsamic salad.

Polly put the kettle on

Higgiety Piggiety
Overall Missy Moos is on top of my favourite burger joints...not only do they use the finest produce of WA to make delicious burgers, the service was fast, burgers are of good price and the quirky venue made it a very interesting experience for me, I am definitely coming back to satisfy my blue cheese burger cravings in the future.

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Opening hours
Mon & Tue CLOSED
Wed & Thurs 5-9pm
Fri, Sat & Sun 12-9pm

08 9433 3322